Writing Services

Kathleen is now offering freelance content writing services, critique and light edits for your fiction novels, and assistance with writing resumes and cover letters.

Kathleen is now offering freelance content writing services on Fiverr. Available for a wide variety of topics, she’ll provide a professional and courteous interaction and get you the research and article/post/story you need written so you don’t have to. Click here to view available packages.

She also offers critique and light editing services for fiction manuscripts. Whether you need help with the first few chapters or the entire manuscript, she’s got you covered and will give you an in-depth, personalized critique experience. She’s critiqued many other authors’ works and thoroughly enjoys the editing stage of writing. She’s been writing novels since she was in her early teens, has several short fiction pieces published, has taken multiple creative writing courses and workshops, attends writer’s conferences, reads craft books and is always learning and sharing her knowledge with others. She has a keen eye for spelling, grammar, and punctuation (that’s code for she will hunt down and correct errors). Kathleen genuinely enjoys helping other writers hone their craft and is very involved in the writing community (mostly on Twitter). She posts daily questions to get you thinking about your writing, tips and advice, and fun prompts. Look for her posts with the hashtag #kfoxxdaily.

Several packages are available, depending on your needs.

For manuscript critiques, click here.

For query and synopsis critiques and editing, click here.

In addition, resume and cover letter assistance is offered here. Kathleen helped students write resumes and cover letters in college, but from a hiring manager’s perspective, she knows what managers are looking for in a resume and cover letter. What makes them pop, and what makes them pass.

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