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The #writingcommunity is full of badasswriters. We write, share, cry, and laugh with each other. And no matter what is happening, we support and encourage each other. Show the writer in your life how much you believe in their badassery by gifting an item or two. Some are funny, some are sweary, some are bang-on and full of feelings. All are designed with love and encouragement in mind.

My goal in creating this swag is to uplift other writers, as I always try to do, in a fun way. You can find gifts for that special writer—and yep, that includes you. The #badasswriters podcast is a free resource for writers, but it is extremely time consuming and every purchase helps keep the podcast going! 🙏🏻

I hope someday, someone will see you walking down the street in your tee, or carrying your tote or water bottle and recognize it and say, “Hey! I’m a #badasswriter, too!” Like a secret club. A knowing nod and smile will ensue, followed by an elbow bump, and maybe you’ll make a new writer friend. 😎

Thank you in advance for your support! 💜

All items are sold through and shipped by Zazzle. Click here to visit the US shop and here if you’re in Canada. (Click either/or if you’re located outside of these countries.)

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