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The #writingcommunity is full of badasswriters. We write, share, cry, and laugh with each other. And no matter what is happening, we support and encourage each other. Show the writer in your life how much you believe in their badassery by gifting an item or two. Some are funny, some are sweary, some are bang-on and full of feelings. All are made with love and encouragement in mind.

My goal in creating this swag is to uplift other writers, as I always try to do, in a fun way. You can find gifts for that special writer—and yep, that includes you. 😂 I hope someday, someone will see you walking down the street in your tee, or carrying your tote or water bottle and recognize it and say, “Hey! I’m a badasswriter, too!” Like a secret club. A knowing nod and smile will ensue, followed by an elbow bump, and maybe you’ll make a new writer friend. 😎

Thank you in advance for your purchase! 💜

All items are sold through and shipped by Zazzle.

The photos below lead to the US website when clicked. Please make sure if you’re shopping Canadian that you change the .com to .ca.

Items for purchase will be listed here as they become available. Click on the images to visit the badasswriters store. Any of the designs below can be placed onto any of the items you see here. If you see a design that you’d like on an item, please contact me here and I can create it for you!

My personal favourite. 🎄
Who doesn’t 👏🏻
love 👏🏻
sassy ornaments!👏🏻



What writer doesn’t need more notebooks? Not badasswriters! Small softcover spiral notebook.

Large softcover spiral notebook.
(Back view)

Writers everywhere: GIVE ME ALL THE NOTEBOOKS!!

Hardcover 👏🏻
Spiral 👏🏻
Notebook 👏🏻

Badasswriter. Yes you are.

#writingcommunity badass. Yes you are.

write. edit. repeat. you got this.

A little something for your critique partner bestie!

A little something for your writing bestie!

first i coffee. then i write.

I absolutely need a new coffee mug. ALWAYS.

Yes the f*ck you can.

badasswriter water bottle



For the writing wine-o
in your life.

editors love us, right?

badasswriter magnet

Ahhh, tomorrow. One can dream.

what’s your superpower?

writer’s tears.

We love our editors, right?

What writer doesn’t want a few spare pens?

Let everyone know what a badasswriter you are. Or at least the guy tailgating you.

I can’t resist. It’s a fox. And my fave f word.
Here’s the back of the tote—#writingcommunity badass.

Badass T-shirts!

More badass t-shirts!

Even your floof
needs some badassery!

Larger size…
… for larger floofs.

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