Kathleen has a new domestic thriller in the works. Current working title is Runner.


{NEVER LET YOU GO x HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT} 27yo Emma is close with her mom, but that’s about to be tested when a mysterious car crash reveals a history riddled with betrayal and secrets. Secrets that want revenge. Now they’re both on the run from her mom’s past, Emma doesn’t know who she can trust, and she must decide if forgiveness is worth the cost of a life.

A short excerpt:

Nothing can prepare a person for the call. The one that bites, makes the heart writhe with fear of the unknown, the unexpected. The uncertainty. Something has happened.

The voice on the other end was male. A doctor. He was calling from Rochester General, a good hour from where Emma lived just outside of Auburn, a small city in upstate New York. Her throat tightened almost as much as her chest did. A wave of shock ran from the tips of her fingers to her toes and sent tingles dancing around her skull like when a shiver passed over her on a chilly night. The all-too-familiar feeling of surprise—the bad kind—filled Emma’s heart with dread and her eyes with tears.

Two years ago, her father died of a massive heart attack. There was no recovery, nothing that could have saved him. Just like that, he was gone. No chance for goodbye, no last words, no tying up loose ends. No time to prepare for the worst. Was it happening again?

Words rolled off the doctor’s tongue like he’d done this a thousand times before. Words like, “collapsed lung,” “multiple broken bones,” and “unconscious” floated out of his mouth and into the phone, cutting the distance between him and Emma in less than a nanosecond. Her brain blocked out most of what he said after hearing six terrifying words: Your mother’s been in an accident.

A million questions flashed through Emma’s mind in the time it took to blink her eyes. She wanted to ask them all, but none escaped her lips. She was too tongue-tied to move a muscle. Paralyzed and almost numb. A line of gooseflesh ripped up her spine at the thought of her mother being hurt. Or worse.

©Kathleen Foxx

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