The Secret Seer (working title)

In September of 2022, Kat was gearing up to complete her gothic thriller, The Inheritance, and preparing for the second #MoodPitch event that occurred from Oct 28-Nov 3. Out of nowhere, a question came to her mind: What if humans knew the day they were going to die? The idea struck and as she wrote down what she was seeing in her mind, the entire story blossomed onto the page. An entire outline was completed, first chapter written, characters developed, and now, she *has* to complete the draft! Oddly enough, it’s in a genre she never saw herself writing: sci-fi/dystopian. The story takes place in our world, but with an alternate reality: ignorance toward climate change has caused irreparable damage to our earth, resulting in greed for what little resources we have left, population control by a patriarchal society, and the ability of seers to impact the masses in an alarming way.


35yo dejected Mél is about to die. In order to help save a young, sick family member from a long life in a vegetative state, she must accept her predicted death date to get her Departure Bonus. She wasn’t planning on meeting her soulmate, Owen, when she only has one month left—or to then be catapulted into a risky and rebellious plan to overthrow the government and overturn population control. She races against time toward an impossible choice: accept her predicted death date to save her family or risk it all to fight fate and save humanity.


Everyone is tattooed at birth with an accurate death date predicted by a Seer. A month before her death, 35yo pessimistic Mél seeks her Departure Bonus from her boss; a government-funded pity cheque in lieu of a pension, to be gifted to her soon-to-be-orphaned sick niece. But her bitchy boss imposes an ultimatum: make a covert delivery or get nothing at all. When the deal is sweetened with twice the money, the choice is simple.

While delivering the goods, Mél meets compassionate and radiant Owen. They are inexplicably drawn together. As her death date closes in, Mél is torn between losing her soulmate and exploring the legends of changed fates. But Mél discovers her inadvertent involvement—and Owen’s deliberate one—in a rebellious plan involving a secret child to overthrow the greedy patriarchy. The government believes population control, stemming from the frivolous treatment of climate change, necessitates a mass genocide—and they’re forcing Seers’ participation. Asking a dangerous Seer for help is forbidden and may have perilous consequences, but doing nothing ignores every moral grain within her. Mél’s simple choice becomes impossible: she can either accept her death to save her family or fight fate and use the child to save humanity with the rebels, risking everyone she loves in the process. The time to decide is now. Tick-tock.

Character moodboards:

A 3x3 collage of square images depicting The Secret Seer #wip and main character Mél, who I've casted as Lyndsy Fonseca, a young woman in her twenties with medium-length dark brown hair and fair skin. The images depict a tattoo artist's hand holding the pen/needle, an hourglass with sand pouring into the bottom, a blue umbrella in the rain, a woman holding gemstones, a strange burst of blue light in a dark sky, a woman holding her young child, a watch, and hands wrapped around some sort of crystal ball. The dark images with small hints of blue and red evoke tension and a sense of time running out.
A 3x3 collage of square images depicting The Secret Seer #wip and main character Owen, who I've casted as John Krasinski, a youngish man with short dark brown hair and short beard and fair skin. The images depict a young boy facing away from the camera with his hands behind his back and staring down a long hall leading to a bright light, a dark chess board with an illuminated white king in the middle, a smoky blue light with a crystal ball in front of it, a woman holding gemstones, a strange burst of blue light in a dark sky, a panicked-looking man holding a child, a cave with light coming from inside, and a fisted hand being held up seemingly in an act of solidarity. The dark images with small hints of blue evoke tension and a sense of otherworldly happenings.

Excerpts coming soon!

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