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Welcome to the badasswriters podcast page!

I didn’t actually intend on creating a podcast, but here we are. 😂 Although I’d been thinking for months about creating a podcast space, all I really was trying to do at this point was create an audio recording of my three-part query series because I wanted to make it easy for visually impaired people to access the information, as well as anyone who likes to multitask while they’re learning. So, I recorded the voice files, and as I was uploading the first one through Anchor, which is connected to my WordPress website, it told me I was creating a podcast. So I thought, ok. Whatever!

And as I was filling out the information, I thought, well, I need a name for this thing, and I’ve just created the #badasswriters swag and want to go somewhere with it… so why not a podcast? No time like the present…! 😬

Alas, the #badasswriters podcast was born!

So the first four episodes are just little ol’ me recording myself reading the blog post so that the information can be easily listened to by those who need or want to do that instead of reading. I don’t think a lot of websites do this, and I think it’s a cool option to have.

I added an actual intro after the first episode as the #badasswriters podcast and it has a catchy little jungle, too. ☺️

And now, I’m having other writers and authors, publishing industry professionals, etc. come chat with me about their writing journey. It’s fun to connect with other writers, and it also lets other writers in the community feel like they’re not alone in where they are in their own journey. Writing can be a lonely space, but it doesn’t have to be! We can share the knowledge we have with others so we can help them go from brand new to badass! Because we were all there once, too, and it’s nice to have some guidance. I’ll also be celebrating book launches where applicable!

Where you can listen:

So! That’s how my little podcast came into existence. I hope you enjoy and learn from it, I hope you share it with your writer friends, and I hope to build up this community of #badasswriters! 🙌🏻

Do you have something you’d like to hear discussed in an upcoming post and episode? Is there something you want to know about writing that you haven’t seen covered in my blog yet (or even if you have and it’s not been covered on the podcast)? Let me know! Contact me here.

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