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Welcome to the #badasswriters podcast page!

If you’re inquiring about being a guest on the podcast, please fill out this form. Please note I am currently booking guest interviews in August of 2023.

If you’re looking to submit a pitch for critique on the podcast, please check back in 2023; as 2022 pitch season has come to a close, I’ll be focusing on some other things and bringing pitch critiques back later.


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If you have a question about writing, querying, editing, or publishing, fill out this form and I’ll answer your question on the pod!

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Writers and Readers: What book did you last love? Give listeners a book rec by emailing me a voice memo and I’ll air it!

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Authors! Give a shoutout to your readers, book clubs, agent/editor, writer group, local bookstore, etc.! Send me a voice memo and I’ll air it!

To send a voice memo, make sure you’re in a quiet space to limit background noise. In your email, please give me written permission to air your recording and spell the title and author name of the book you’re recommending or the person or organization you’re showing appreciation for. 😊

I’m celebrating ONE YEAR running already! Tuesday, November 29th is my special one year podiversary episode! In it, I give you a one-year-late intro (don’t ask, just listen 😂), answer some questions ya’ll have asked about me, tell you what writing projects I’m currently working on, give a wee dedication and shoutouts and thanks, and then I highlight some fabulous advice from guests I’ve hosted over the past year. I wish I had time to highlight all my amazing guests! I’m so excited about how the pod will grow in its second year. There are so many amazing authors booked already!

If you’d told me in the fall of 2020 that a year from then, I’d start a writing podcast, I’d have laughed at you. But… here we are. 😂 What began as me wanting to make my blog posts more accesible for folks quickly became a full-fledged podcast where I provide tips and advice about things I’ve learned have worked for me and many others as well as guest interviews. These interviews are with seasoned authors with one or several books published via indie or traditionally, or writers who are just learning the ropes. I also occasionally have industry professionals hop on to talk about all things writing and publishing, like #AskAgent sessions where writers send in questions they have about traditional publishing, interviews with agents and editors, etc. I also feature booksellers, writing app designers, and other industry-related guests. I’m so happy to be able to give back to the #WritingCommunity in such a fun way!

I love talking to writers about their journeys. What works for them, what struggles they’ve had, how the publishing process has been, how they got their agent or book deal, what advice they have for writers, etc. I also love celebrating success with writers, like the release of a new book, signing a contract with an agent or publisher, getting full requests on queries, getting short stories accepted, etc.

You’ll also hear news about upcoming events, activities, contests, etc. that I’m involved in. Occasionally, I have pitch critique sessions where writers send in pitches for me to critique on the show. Now, I’m adding questions to the table! Click the link above to fill out a short form that allows you to send in a question that I can answer on the pod!

Keep being badass!

Where you can listen:

I hope you enjoy and learn from it, I hope you share it with your writer friends, and I hope to continue to build up this community of #badasswriters. If you’ve enjoyed any of the episodes, I would LOVE IT if you would take a moment to review it wherever you listen! Reviews help the podcast be seen by other writers and is so appreciated because my main goal is to reach as many creatives as possible to help them on their journeys! ♥️

I’ve also started a You Tube page where I might post the occasional video! There’s literally only one video there now but check it out and subscribe so you don’t miss anything! My first video is with author Taylor Grothe where we chat about moodboards, and she takes us through a guided tutorial on how to create them.

Aside from the podcast, you might know I’m also a co-founder/organizer/host of #MoodPitch, a huge Twitter pitch event connecting writers with agents, publishers, & other writers. I’m heavily involved in the Twitter writing community & post daily writing questions under #kfoxxdaily to help writers think critically about their projects. On top of this, I’m an editor who dedicates so much time to my clients’ work, and somehow, some way, I sometimes find time to work on my own writing projects. To boot, I’m a single mom of 5 amazing kids. While I LOVE running the podcast and pitch event and daily writing questions for the writing community, I dedicate countless (countless!!) volunteer hours to do so. If you enjoy listening to the podcast or following me for writing & editing advice, please consider donating to #badasswriters. It helps so much! ♥️

For a *brief* overview of what I do just as a podcast host, check out this IG post: https://tinyurl.com/3jvazeh3.

Do you have something you’d like to hear discussed in an upcoming post and episode? Is there something you want to know about writing that you haven’t seen covered in my blog yet (or even if you have and it’s not been covered on the podcast)? Let me know! Contact me here.

As always, keep being badass! 🙌🏻

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