For an overview of each completed manuscript or work-in-progress, please click on the titles below. All content is © Kathleen Foxx.

The Inheritance

The Secret Seer (working title)

Well-Hidden Secrets

The Lies He Told Me

The Whispering Bones


Action Adventure Trilogy (yet unnamed, but it has an early 18th century witch and pirates!)

Kathleen has always enjoyed writing and has a passionate and wild imagination. She loves to write fiction that will thrill, chill, spark emotion, or involve a mystery or adventure of some kind. Her favourite genres to write in are domestic thrillers and suspense, ghost stories, historical fiction, time travel, and stories that blur the line between real and imagined. Personal experiences have a place in many of her stories in one way or another, as it is for pretty much all writers. She adores writing descriptive scenes that place the reader right inside the story.

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Kathleen Foxx Author
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