Kathleen has always enjoyed writing and has a passionate and wild imagination. She loves to write fiction that will thrill, chill, spark emotion, or involve a mystery or adventure of some kind. She loves writing psychological thrillers and suspense, mysteries, ghost stories, historical fiction, time-travel, and stories that blur the line between real and imagined. Personal experiences have a place in many of her stories.

Well-Hidden Secrets, an adult gothic horror, is her first completed novel. It is part ghost story, part time travel, part ancestry, and all creepy mystery. Fans of Erica WatersGhost Wood Song and Wendy Webb’s The Haunting of Brynn Wilder and The Fate of Mercy Alban and will enjoy this book. Those who enjoyed Medium and The Ghost Whisperer tv series will love this story. (Release Date TBA.)

A medium afraid of ghosts. An ancestor who needs her help. A search for the truth that straddles both place and time.

Jennifer is cursed, just like the rest of her maternal family line. Terrorized by ghostly visits for as long as she can remember, she has done everything she can to keep the ghosts at bay. But after she is confronted by the ghost of a mysterious man who she learns has haunted her family for decades, she enlists the help of a psychic to hone the skills she’s long rejected.

Convinced the man’s past is the key to breaking her family’s curse, Jennifer uses her new skills to search for answers. From her Ontario hometown to 1859 England, Jennifer “quantum leaps” into her ancestors’ shoes to scour the past for clues that can lead her to evidence in the present. She’s determined to find the truth even though her body takes a beating every time she catapults through time. But the closer she gets to the truth about the man’s life (and his death), the clearer another becomes: if the ghost can’t rest, nor can she or her family.

Stay tuned for updates! You can catch the first couple chapters on her blog.

Aside from Well-Hidden Secrets, Kathleen has been working on the second book in the series, The Whispering Bones. An entirely different storyline emerges with the same underlying premise as the first book. Guaranteed to give you goosebumps!

And in other news, Kathleen has completed a psychological/domestic thriller! If you’ve ever wondered about the intricacies of a psychologically abusive marriage and why someone doesn’t “just leave,” this book will show you. If you enjoy B.A. Paris novels, Chevy Steven’s NEVER LET YOU GO, and YOU on Netflix, you’ll love this book.

When gaslighting reaches new levels, only Karma can save you.

When Megan is swept into the arms of charming police officer Matthew, she’s convinced she’ll never be hurt again, especially when he accepts their unexpected pregnancy. Unfortunately for Megan, money-hungry Matthew has ulterior motives. With his lofty inheritance tied to marriage, Matthew reluctantly proposes. She thinks her life is finally coming together. After several years of deceit, he is bored with Megan, finds a new muse, and detonates their union—along with Megan’s hope of happily ever after.

Megan tries to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life, but Matthew uses the children as pawns to maintain control over her. His gaslighting games reach a new level and she has a nervous breakdown. But when Matthew is charged with the attempted murder of his new girlfriend, the Crown calls Megan to testify as a witness. While Megan sees her testimony as an opportunity to protect herself and the kids, Matthew sees it as an opportunity to get even. Out on bail, he’ll stop at nothing to prevent her from ruining him—even if that means murder (for real, this time).

AND… drum roll please… a new action/adventure is in the works featuring early 18th-Century pirates, a mid-16th Century poet, centuries-old hidden family secrets, a twist on hidden treasure, and a present-day female protagonist who’s a Philologist and (unknowing) heir apparent to a wealthy family of Portuguese descent! 👀 🏴‍☠️ 🪙 ⛵️ 🇵🇹

Other works-in-progress include a new domestic thriller featuring hidden family secrets, stalking, revenge, and a surprise twist, and a TBD genre involving soul connections and past lives.

Pitch for my newest thriller:

27yo Emma is close with her mom, but that’s about to be tested when a mysterious car crash reveals a history riddled with betrayal and secrets. Secrets that want revenge. Now they’re both on the run from her mom’s past, Emma doesn’t know who she can trust, and she must decide if forgiveness is worth the cost of a life.

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