The Lies He Told Me

This is Kathleen’s first domestic thriller. It is currently out in full with agents, looking for a publishing home! 🤞🏻

The Lies He Told Me is a 96,000-word dual-POV adult domestic suspense comparable to You meets Gaslight. It will appeal to fans of B.A. Paris and Chevy Stevens. Please note CW: pregnancy, birth, domestic abuse/violence, explicit language.


{YOU x PRETTY LITTLE WIFE} Backed into a corner & concerned for her kids’ lives, Megan must choose between trusting Karma or becoming Karma incarnate to put her sociopathic ex in jail. But Karma’s always watching, & angering her could be deadly for the wrong person.

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Book Blurb:

When Megan is swept into the arms of charming police officer Matthew, she’s convinced she’ll never be hurt again, especially when he accepts their unexpected pregnancy. Unfortunately for Megan, money-hungry Matthew has ulterior motives. With his lofty inheritance tied to marriage, Matthew reluctantly proposes. She thinks her life is finally coming together. After several years of deceit, he is bored with Megan, finds a new muse, and detonates their union—along with Megan’s hope of happily ever after.

Megan tries to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life, but Matthew uses the children as pawns to maintain control over her. His gaslighting games reach a new level and she has a nervous breakdown. But when Matthew is charged with the attempted murder of his new girlfriend, the Crown calls Megan to testify as a witness. While Megan sees her testimony as an opportunity to protect herself and the kids, Matthew sees it as an opportunity to get even. Out on bail, he’ll stop at nothing to prevent her from ruining him—even if that means murder (for real, this time).

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