The Inheritance

Currently, while her two completed manuscripts above are out for considerations with potential agents, Kathleen is busy working on a new gothic thriller (unrelated to Well hidden Secrets and The Whispering Bones). This one is titled The Inheritance.

You can’t escape the story of your past. Even if you didn’t write it.


A mysterious letter promises a better life for struggling single mom Kate and daughter Sophie. But moving to an inherited family manor revives a ghostly and deadly curse. They’re destined to die if they stay, but the house won’t let them leave. Kate must rely on genetic memories she thought were mere nightmares and a rogue ancestral ghost to unlock the secrets of the past, culminating in the ultimate sacrifice to save her daughter and end the curse.

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27yo Kate is destined to repeat the mistake of her ancestors, but she doesn’t know it yet. After she gets a notice of eviction, a mysterious and timely letter leads to a shocking discovery that not only was she adopted, she’s also the surviving heir to an abandoned family estate she never knew about. Driven to provide a good life for her 9yo daughter Sophie, Kate believes moving there offers the promise of a better future, the answer to all her problems. But the house is the biggest problem of all, and once they’re in, it doesn’t plan on ever letting them out. A ghostly family curse has been revived with their arrival, and it will only end when there are no more descendants to carry it on. By the time Kate realizes her nightmares are actually genetic memories, it’s already too late. A final desperate act to save Sophie is fuelled by help from a rogue ancestor—but it will come at the cost of a life.

Excerpts in no particular order from The Inheritance:

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