The Inheritance

While her two completed manuscripts above are out for consideration with potential agents, Kathleen is busy working on a new gothic thriller. Its working title is The Inheritance.

The only way to end a family curse is when there’s no more family left.


27yo mom Kate is baffled by an invasive psychic. Predictions are validated when she discovers she’s inherited a manor. But moving there revives a deadly curse. Her ancestors’ sinful debts are unpaid, and Kate must face her own dark secrets to escape—or lose her kin to its vengeful grip.


An invasive accusation and strange prediction from a psychic throw 27yo single mom Kate off kilter. Life is then thrown upside-down when she gets evicted. But a mysterious and timely letter brings news: Kate was adopted, making her heir to an abandoned family estate. Perhaps the psychic was right after all. Accepting her seemingly forutitous destiny, Kate and 9yo Sophie move to Lockwood Manor. But the eerily familiar house, alive with ghostly victims, has lured them there to pay for the sins of her ancestors, and its vengeful grip is deadly. After attempting an escape, an unexpected and heartbreaking reunion forces Kate to face her most painful mistakes—and admit to the lies she’s told to cover them up. Fuelled by genetic memories and help from a rogue ancestor, Kate makes a bold and desperate move to protect her kin. But safety will come at the cost of a life. Kate must decide who she can save—if she can trick the dead long enough to do it.

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Excerpts in no particular order from The Inheritance:

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