The Inheritance

While her two completed manuscripts above are out for considerations with potential agents, Kathleen is busy working on a new gothic horror/thriller (unrelated to Well hidden Secrets and The Whispering Bones). This one is titled The Inheritance. To help her reach her goal of completing it by December, Kathleen is participating in NaNoWriMo’s 2021 challenge of writing 50K words during the month of November. (Secretly, her goal is to write more than that, an average of 2167 words per day for 30 days, to reach her overall word count goal!) Find out more about NaNoWriMo here!

You can’t escape the story of your past. Even if you didn’t write it.


A mysterious letter promises a better life for struggling single mom Kate and daughter Sophie. But moving to an inherited family manor revives a ghostly and deadly curse. They’re destined to die if they stay, but the house won’t let them leave. Kate must rely on genetic memories she thought were mere nightmares and a rogue ancestral ghost to unlock the secrets of the past, culminating in the ultimate sacrifice to save her daughter and end the curse.

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The only way to end a family curse is when there’s no more family left.

27yo single mom Kate is plagued with nightmares, regret, and bad luck. Already struggling to make ends meet, life is thrown upside-down when she gets evicted. But a mysterious and timely letter brings news: not only was Kate adopted, she’s also heir to an abandoned family estate. Driven to give her daughter a good life, Kate accepts her seemingly fortuitous destiny to move to Lockwood Manor. But the house becomes the worst problem of all, and its grip is deadly. By the time Kate realizes her lifelong nightmares are mixed with genetic memories, it’s already too late. A ghostly family curse has been revived, luring Kate and her kin straight into its trap. She makes a bold and desperate move to save her daughter, fueled by help from a rogue ancestor. But an unexpected heartbreaking reunion means facing her past mistakes, forcing her to decide who’s most worthy of saving. The house won’t let her choose both.

Excerpts in no particular order from The Inheritance:

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