Below you’ll find links to some micro, flash, and short stories that have been published by various online literary magazines and journals.

You can find Kathleen’s short stories here. If you enjoy reading them, please consider supporting Kathleen on Ko-Fi. Every little bit helps enable her to continue doing what she loves, especially due to job loss during the pandemic. Thanks so much for reading!

Acquiescence is a Highly Commended “lustrous long” (short story) in Glittery Literary’s Anthology Two. It’s a bit of a sad premise, but it’s heartwarming and full of wonderful nostalgia.

The Message is a deeply personal short story about grief, soul connections and reincarnation. Kathleen wrote this piece for and about a dear friend who passed in July of 2018–one of her biggest cheerleaders for her writing.

Lost and Found is a second-place winner in Glittery Literary’s Anthology One. It’s a cute micro story about a boy and his frog. This is her first story published in a book!

Crimson Memories is a heartwarming short story of unsent love letters. This is her first accepted piece for publication, so it’s extra exciting!

Letting Go… a story of letting go of a loved one. (Tissues may be required!)

CW: death

Paragraph Planet, a website that’s been posting 75-word stories every day since 2008, accepted this wee story about a Hummingbird on April 3, 2021.

More stories on the way! Kathleen has entered multiple competitions and submitted to various literary publications, so she isn’t able to “publish” them here yet. If you hit the subscribe button, you won’t miss when she posts them!

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