Well-Hidden Secrets

Well-Hidden Secrets, a 79,000-word adult gothic horror, is Kathleen’s first completed novel. It is part ghost story, part time travel, part ancestry, and all creepy mystery. Fans of Erica WatersGhost Wood Song and Wendy Webb’s The Haunting of Brynn Wilder will enjoy this book. Those who enjoyed Medium , The Ghost Whisperer, and even Quantum Leap tv series will love this story. It is currently out in full with agents, looking for a publishing home! 🤞🏻

A medium afraid of ghosts. An ancestor who needs her help. A search for the truth that straddles both place and time.


{GHOST WHISPERER x adult GHOST WOOD SONG} In a search straddling place & time, 40yo Jennifer—a medium terrified of ghosts—must solve an ancestor’s 160yo murder by quantum leaping to 1859 England. Finding the truth could mean her end. Not finding it could mean her daughter’s.

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40yo Jennifer is cursed. Terrorized by ghostly visits since childhood, she’s done everything she can to keep the ghosts at bay. But ignoring her abilities won’t make them stop. After she is confronted by the spirit of a mysterious man who she learns has haunted her family for decades, she enlists the help of a medium to hone the skills she’s long rejected.

Convinced the man’s past is the key to breaking her family’s curse, Jennifer accepts her psychic skills and uses them to look for answers in a search that straddles both place and time. A simple ghostly touch transports her from her Ontario hometown to 1859 England. Jennifer scours the past in her ancestors’ shoes for clues that can lead to evidence in the present. But the closer she gets to the truth about the man’s life (and his death), the clearer another becomes: if the ghost can’t rest, nor can she or her family. She’s determined to find the truth to prevent the curse from continuing with her daughter, even though catapulting through time risks her own life and could mean being stuck there forever.

A few excerpts:

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