So… after my super exciting news I shared the other day that I’m having my very first published story in Eucalyptus & Rose Literary Magazine in May 2021 (stay tuned for that 1K heartwarming story about unsent love letters that became a man’s will to survive unimaginable circumstances!), I woke up yesterday to an email from Paragraph Planet saying my 75-word micro story, HUMMINGBIRD, would be going up today, April 3, 2021. Whaaaaat?! So, needless to say, this first week of April has been a very good week!

Paragraph Planet is a unique website that posts a new 75-word story each and every day right smack-dab in the middle of the home page. That said, every day, the story is archived to make room for the next story. Here is a screenshot of HUMMINGBIRD, followed by a screenshot of the sweetest feedback I’ve ever been given about any of my writing! It has completely made my day/week/year so far. 💜

I hope you enjoyed my sweet little mini-micro story! As you might have read from a previous post, hummingbirds have a special place in my heart for a very special reason. I enjoy the challenge of micros, even flash stories. It keeps my brain active and creative in between writing the big stuff, and it’s fun to explore and push limits and write in other styles and genres!

Below is the photo that inspired this little piece of prose. You should check her out on Instagram @ TheHummingbirdPhotographer! She is so talented and posts the most incredible photos of hummingbirds I’ve ever seen.

📷 | TheHummingbirdPhotographer

What do you think – could you write a story in about 75 words, including the title? It’s not as easy as you think to have a beginning, middle and end within a tiny paragraph! Head over to Paragraph Planet and give it a shot!

Let me know if you liked it by hitting the Like button below and leaving a comment! I love and appreciate hearing from my readers! 😊

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Author of domestic thrillers and gothic horror.

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