Book Review: HER DARK LIES

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Dark and Twisted, Skillfully Written!

Right from the beginning pages I knew this would be a great story. Ellison does a fantastic job at making us guess right through to the end. I couldn’t put the last third down. There was so much going on and I just wanted to find out what happened!

I love that it takes place in Italy, for one. There’s a lot of history on the island and I love the myths and legends and the intricacies of the villa and the family. The main characters were believable and likeable. The antagonist is someone you love to hate. I also love that Ana Compton is a strong, steady, larger-than-life figure in the Compton family. The dark pasts, the hidden family secrets, the beautiful island imagery and ancient villa, it was all very masterfully woven together.

There are different POVs at play here, so the story switches back and forth between them. As we go on, the antagonist gets more gusty and open with little details. It’s like the antagonist is speaking to the reader, letting us in on secrets and lies—but you don’t know if you can believe them or not.

During the course of the story, I had more than a few suspects in mind, so it really did keep me on my toes. There were three parts where, once I found out, I was like, “Ha! I knew it!” And I love moments like that. But there were still elements of surprise which was wonderful.

A little bit of tender romance, a bunch of suspicion, and murders/accidents! Definitely worth the read. I really enjoyed it.

You can follow J.T. Ellison on Twitter @thrillerchick and on Instagram @thrillerchick. Click on the book image above to visit her website.

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