Book Review: IRL by E.A. Field

Background: a pinky-purply transparent background with headphones, a game controller, a cup of coffee, the edge of a keyboard, all on a desktop. Foreground: the cover of IRL by E.A. Field, which pictures a computer screen with GAME OVER in the middle, the back of a gaming chair, some white webcams, and a spatter of blood drops across the back of the chair and one of the webcams. At the top of the image: 5 stars. Surrounding the book cover is a graphic of headphones with a mic, a game controller, a black backpack, and an irregular-shaped graphite-looking rock with symbols on it.

I really enjoyed this story, and the writing is fantastic! Every chapter was immersive, and I loved the relationship between Nora and Wesley. A great read—and I don’t normally gravitate toward zombie stories! But this was about so much more than that, and I was rooting for Nora and Wesley the entire time.

IRL is a thrilling story full of action, ancient curses, and black magic in an almost-apocalyptic setting that takes us from the online gaming world to real-life crazy circumstances. Gamers Nora and Wesley meet IRL when the world starts going sideways after an ancient curse is revived, turning humans into zombies—but this isn’t your typical zombie story because it’s not a virus that brings on the undead; it’s a curse. Nora’s uncle was part of a small group of people who knew—and believed in—a hidden ancient city with a deadly ruler. Nora and Wesley must determine who to trust in order to save the world from certain death—and raging undeath. It’s a race against time as they’ve got a powerful society on their tail who wants an important piece of the puzzle Nora’s uncle entrusted to her, and the clock is ticking down until the curse is fully engaged.

From the back cover:

Something is wrong in Bunker, Illinois.

Nora Grace Moon thought the toughest challenge this semester would be surviving crippling bouts of OCD, but when her deceased roommate turns up as a reanimated corpse, her world starts to collapse. 

Nora has an uncanny, heated connection to fellow gamer Wesley. She finds out he’s a US Marshal with real-life skills for tactical survival, not just in-game. They uncover a plot involving an ancient archeology society who will stop at nothing until they have what Nora has – an ancient artifact that will unleash a new world order of the undead.

IRL is a sci-fi thriller about leaving the online world and dealing with things “In Real Life.”

Find out more about E.A. Field at and on Twitter @eafieldwrites.

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