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There were many reasons that I gave this book a 5-star review. Any book that can tug at my heartstrings like this one did is going to have a place on my list recommended books.

Susanna Kearsley, a fellow Canadian author, is very descriptive in all the settings of her book, taking the reader to each place in their mind. The sights, sounds, and smells. She also describes well the emotions that the character is going through, and the point of view changes several times throughout the story. She connects with her characters and makes them seem real and believable.

The whole time I was reading, I was constantly wondering “oh I wonder if it was this person,” or “omg, could it be this?” There are many clues throughout the book and I love being taken on the adventure and trying to figure out what’s happening and by whom.

I love how this book spans decades and takes us into the WW2 era. I find the fact that she got to talk to people who lived and worked in that timeframe fascinating – oh, the stories she must have heard! And then to use the information to help in creating this story. There are intimate details of the lives they led and I love being transported back in time in this way.

There were some jaw-dropping moments and more than a few moments that made me cry, and this is the sign of a great read. Every Secret Thing has a good storyline and a strong, smart female protagonist who is determined to uncover the truth. I adore books that can make me cry, make me love the characters, and pull on my heartstrings all the while making me wonder what’s going to happen next and who did what to whom – and that’s just what this book does.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, go grab a copy today!

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Author of domestic thrillers and gothic horror.

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