Character and Story Inspiration

My debut novel, Well Hidden Secrets (publishing date TBD) was written just as I described above. In fact, the ending is a twist that even I didn’t know about until it happened. I had written about half of the story before I knew how I wanted it to end, so I wrote the ending and then went back to the middle to work on how to join it together. This resulted in the creation of a new minor yet essential character, critical to how the story unfolds. I was beyond excited at how it all came together.

The Journey Begins…

Over the past decade or so, I’ve been picking away at a few novels here and there, but never really getting anywhere. I’m a mom of five, and needless to say, that has kept me on my toes over the years. Recently, I spoke with an old friend who showed me a small series writtenContinue reading “The Journey Begins…”