Drawing the Line Between Fact and Fiction in Historical Fiction

Where do we draw the line between fact and fiction in historical fiction? And make sure to catch my interview with historical fiction author Kiersten Marcil on the podcast!

Reading vs. Watching: Bridgerton and Other Period Rom/Dramas

What tv series based on books do you find intriguing? Do the books or the screen adaptations allow you to envision the settings and scenes better? Tell me what you think!

The Writer’s Exhale

I’m an introvert, by nature, so taking my stories from something just for me to sharing it with the world is a major advance in my personal journey to success. It’s bearing my soul to others. It’s allowing myself to be vulnerable.

The Journey Begins…

Over the past decade or so, I’ve been picking away at a few novels here and there, but never really getting anywhere. I’m a mom of five, and needless to say, that has kept me on my toes over the years. Recently, I spoke with an old friend who showed me a small series writtenContinue reading “The Journey Begins…”