Book Review: BURLINGTON by Heather Dixon

Background is transparent and shows a suburban neigbourhood with perfectly manicured yards. In the foreground at the top are 5 stars. Black text on the left: "It's cover-ups, secrets, and lies in a setting that looks so perfect from the outside, but Burlington is anything but. A thrilling read! Kathleen Foxx. On the right, the cover for Burlington by Heather Dixon" a suburban street runs from top to bottom, with thin yellow letters BURLINGTON running down the street and Heather's name at the bottom.

I proofread this book for Rising Action Publishing Co. recently and LOVED IT. Heather Dixon is such a talented writer! It’s a well-paced book full of tension, suspense, and suspicion. I was theorizing right from the start. It’s a story about the lengths people will go to stay on top, or at least look like they are.

A clique-y group of moms in a rich and snobby neighbourhood is bound to make for some good, juicy gossip-y stories! When you move into a neighbourhood like that, as an outsider who wasn’t born from money, you have a lot of work to do to fit in. And that’s all the main character wants… to fit in, to be accepted, to be liked. But when women start disappearing, she starts wondering why no one is talking about it and trying to solve what happened. The more she digs, the further away she gets from fitting in and the closer she gets to danger. She has to figure out the truth before she becomes the next target while ensuring the safety of her two sweet little girls AND without being labelled paranoid and crazy. It’s cover-ups, secrets, and lies in a setting that looks so perfect from the outside, but Burlington is anything but. A thrilling read!

From the back cover:

Mae Roberts is certain her new life in the suburbs with her family will be everything she’s always wanted. That is, until one of the mothers from her daughters’ school goes missing.

Mae never thought she would fit in amongst the beautiful and rich mothers at Riverpark Elementary. Though, when she’s accepted into their clique and they ask her to be a part of their unofficial neighborhood watch, Mae finds herself slipping more and more into a world of odd dinner parties, secrets and lies, and even rumors of suicide attempts. 

It’s only when one of the Riverpark Moms disappears, and then another, that Mae must decide what’s more important—fitting in or uncovering the truth.

A fresh take on belonging, obsession and schoolyard politics, Burlington is a suspenseful debut novel that explores the exclusive world of wealthy mothers and demonstrates how privilege can come at a devastating price.

Connect with Heather Dixon on her website at and on Twitter @hdixonwriter.

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